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Connecticut, USA

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Flag of Connecticut, USA

Weather in July

July in Connecticut is characterized by hot and humid weather, representing the peak of the summer season. It is during this month that the highest temperatures are typically registered, with average high temperatures reaching up to 85°F across the state.

Heatwaves are not uncommon, and temperatures may occasionally surpass 100°F, particularly in southern and coastal regions. The record high temperature for Connecticut, 106°F, was recorded in Danbury on July 15, 1995, illustrating the potential extremes of July's heat.

Thunderstorms are frequent, particularly in the late afternoon and evening. These can be quite intense but are usually brief, contributing to the state's annual rainfall average of 44" to 48".

The humidity reaches its peak in July, particularly in late summer and early fall, adding to the perception of heat and potentially creating uncomfortable conditions, especially during heatwaves.

Despite the potential for intense weather, July offers many clear and sunny days, with the sunniest period occurring between June and August. The percentage of possible annual sunshine ranges from 45% to 65% across the state, with 100 to 125 clear days in the year.

July's weather in Connecticut embodies the height of summer, with hot, humid conditions prevailing throughout the state. While thunderstorms are common, they are balanced by prolonged periods of sunshine and warmth. The coastal areas may offer slightly more moderate conditions, but the overall climate is characterized by the heat and humidity typical of a northeastern U.S. summer. July stands as a marked continuation of June's warmth but brings the summer's characteristics to their zenith, solidifying its place as the hottest month of the year in Connecticut.

  • Hartford - July »
    July, known for its average high temperature of 82.9°F and an average low temperature of 63.7°F, is the warmest month in Hartford. On the first day of July in Hartford, Connecticut, sunrise is at 5:19 am and sunset at 8:29 pm.
  • New Haven - July »
    July in New Haven marks the peak of summer, providing the highest average temperature of 80.4°F and enjoying 15.1 hours of daylight. In New Haven in July, the average water temperature is 71.1°F.
  • Stamford - July »
    With its average high temperature of 81.3°F and a low of 69.1°F, July is regarded as the warmest month in Stamford. July has the most sunshine of the year in Stamford with an average of 10.5h of sunshine.
  • Bridgeport - July »
    In Bridgeport July is the month with the highest recorded average temperatures, measuring a high of 81°F and a low of 68.5°F. In Bridgeport in July, during 18.1 rainfall days, 3.82" of precipitation is typically accumulated.
  • Waterbury - July »
    In Waterbury during July, the rain falls for 17.8 days and regularly aggregates up to 3.19" of precipitation. July and August, with an average of 10.1h of sunshine, are months with the most sunshine in Waterbury.
  • Norwalk - July »
    With average high and low temperatures of 81.1°F and 68.2°F respectively, July is Norwalk's warmest month. July is the warmest month in Norwalk, showcasing typical summer weather and high sun exposures.
  • Danbury - July »
    The month with the most rainfall in Danbury is July, when the rain falls for 14.4 days and typically aggregates up to 1.57" of precipitation. After basking in the peak summer heat of July, Danbury welcomes the slightly cooler weather in August.
  • New Britain - July »
    With average high temperatures of 82.9°F and lows of 63.9°F, July is the warmest month in New Britain, Connecticut. On the last day of July, in New Britain, Connecticut, sunrise is at 5:44 am and sunset at 8:10 pm EDT.
  • Bristol - July »
    July is the month when Bristol sees the highest average temperatures, with a high of 82.4°F and a low of 63.1°F. In Bristol in July, it is raining for 18.3 days, with typically 3.31" of accumulated precipitation.
  • Meriden - July »
    In Meriden during July, the rain falls for 17.3 days and regularly aggregates up to 3.07" of precipitation. In Meriden, Connecticut, temperatures reach their average annual highs in July, measuring 82.9°F and a minimum average of 64°F.
  • Milford - July »
    July confirms its position as the hottest month in Milford, with temperatures soaring up to 81.1°F, beating June’s highest temperatures. In Milford, July is the month with the highest recorded average temperatures, measuring a high of 81.1°F and a low of 67.8°F.
  • West Haven - July »
    West Haven's temperature records reveal July as the warmest month, marked by average highs of 80.4°F and lows of 67.6°F. July positions itself as the warmest month of the year in West Haven, with summer in full swing.

Connecticut, USA

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