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District of Columbia, USA

Flag of District of Columbia, USA
Flag of District of Columbia, USA

Weather in April

April in the District of Columbia is a celebration of spring in its full glory. As temperatures rise, the city vibrates with warmth and renewed life. April sees a significant departure from the colder months, with temperatures comfortably settling between the mid-50s°F and the high 60s°F, a stark contrast to the cooler March.

Rainfall becomes more frequent in April, nourishing the budding plants and flowers. These showers, while sometimes sudden, contribute to the lush greenery that begins to dominate the city's landscape. Umbrellas and light rain jackets are often essentials for those traversing the city during this month.

A highlight of April in Washington, D.C. is undoubtedly the National Cherry Blossom Festival. By this month, the cherry trees are in full bloom, cloaking the city in mesmerizing shades of pink and white. This natural spectacle, combined with the gentle warmth of the month, attracts both locals and tourists to the outdoors, making the Tidal Basin and surrounding areas particularly popular destinations.

Daylight hours continue to lengthen, offering extended opportunities for sightseeing and exploration. The sun casts a golden hue over the city's monuments and landmarks, making April an ideal month for photography enthusiasts.

As April progresses, the chill of March becomes a distant memory, and the anticipation of the warmer days of May grows. Throughout the District of Columbia, this month's weather remains uniformly spring-like, without any notable deviations in conditions from one area to another.

  • Washington - April »
    The onset of April brings a rise in the average high-temperature, elevating from a cool 53.2°F in March to a comfortable 65.1°F. In Washington in April, it is raining for 14.4 days, with typically 2.09" of accumulated precipitation.
  • Shepherd Park - April »
    In Shepherd Park, during April, the rain falls for 15.3 days and regularly aggregates up to 2.52" of precipitation. In April, in Shepherd Park the rain falls for 15.3 days.
  • Colonial Village - April »
    In Colonial Village in April, during 14.4 rainfall days, 2.09" of precipitation is typically accumulated. In Colonial Village snow does not fall in April through November.
  • Hawthorne - April »
    In Hawthorne during April, the rain falls for 15.3 days and regularly aggregates up to 2.52" of precipitation. April is the last month it regularly snows in Hawthorne, District of Columbia.

District of Columbia, USA

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