December weather forecast and climate
Georgia, USA

Flag of Georgia, USA
Flag of Georgia, USA

Weather in December

December is the beginning of the mild to the cold winter season in Georgia, with average temperatures in the 34°F (1.1°C) to 65°F (18.3°C) range. Eight to ten sunny days occur in the month, and the temperatures are comfortable in the coastal areas. Freezing nights rarely occur in the northern hilly areas, while the majority of the state experiences mild temperatures.
Precipitation is moderate to the tune of 4" (102mm) to 8" (203mm), with the highest in northern Georgia. Dalton in the extreme north registers temperatures in the 33°F (0.6°C) to 55°F (12.8°C) range. Snow and frost are rare due to the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Tourist footfall continues in the mild winters with a wide range of options, from beaches to mountains in the state.
A jacket is handy to keep the cold and rain in check. Expect the temperatures to drop further with the advance of the winter. The weather is comfortable in December in Georgia, with plenty to cheer during Christmas time.


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