August weather forecast and climate
Indiana, USA

Flag of Indiana, USA
Flag of Indiana, USA

Weather in August

August is hot and humid month in Indiana, with the temperatures stuck at the high end of the range. Day temperatures are between 80°F (26.7°C) to 91°F (32.8°C), while nights are relatively mild in the 59°F (15°C) to 69°F (20.6°C).
The relative humidity is lower in the south than in the north, but the south often faces the combination of high temperature and high humidity that make the heat oppressive. Central Indiana is hot, with the regions in the east wetter than the rest. The 3" (76mm) to 4" (102mm) of rainfall is particularly useful for agriculture in the central region. At least 21 sunny days are evident in August, but storms, particularly tornadoes, are active even in late summer.
The hot conditions make a good case for wearing sweatshirts and t-shirts when out on the open prairie or the high hills. Lakeside spots are popular for summer vacations, although the boats are not as big as those in the states with extensive coastlines. August sees a rise in tourist numbers in Indiana.

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