February weather forecast and climate
Mississippi, USA

Flag of Mississippi, USA
Flag of Mississippi, USA

Weather in February

February is partly cloudy in Mississippi, with 4" (102mm) to 6" (152mm) of rainfall amid 6 hours of sunshine. The conditions are mild in much of the state, with the average temperatures in the 30°F (-1.1°C) to 65°F (18.3°C) range. Jackson, the capital in the central region, sees occasional freezing nights as it registers between 39°F (3.9°C) to 61°F (16.1°C).
Cabin rentals are popular in the prime hunting season, with spectacular mountain views. The beaches attract many visitors, but the water temperatures are cold for swimming. The conditions warm up steadily by the fourth week of February so sit by a cozy fireplace and enjoy a mug of hot cocoa before the end of the cold season. The oyster season is at its peak during the cold months, and it is one of the best times to enjoy the plump Gulf oysters with a natural salty flavor. Ice skating rinks are in demand in the winter months as natural snowfall is scarce. February ends the winter season in Mississippi.


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