June weather forecast and climate
Montana, USA

Flag of Montana, USA
Flag of Montana, USA

Weather in June

June is one of the best times to visit Montana as the state basks in the glorious temperate sun. The average high temperatures are in the delightful 70°F (21.1°C) to 80°F (26.7°C) range, while average low temperatures are around a mild 40°F (4.4°C) to 55°F (12.8°C). Sunshine is plenty in the lower valleys, and the higher plains also receive adequate sunlight during the summer.
June is wet in many places as the rain gauge accumulates 3" (76mm) with heavy showers, especially in eastern Montana. Summer conditions are pleasant in the fertile river valleys such as the Paradise Valley, Big Hole Valley, and Gallatin Valley, among many others.
However, keep an eye on the weather for thunderstorms, which are common during the summer, and the vastly open plains provide a little respite from the storms and the rain! Carry rain protection and pack layered clothing, especially on the high mountain trails or the badlands.
June sees a swarm of tourists in Montana, around the Glacier and Yellowstone national parks, and many other state parks.


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