October weather forecast and climate
Nevada, USA

Flag of Nevada, USA
Flag of Nevada, USA

Weather in October

October is the driest month of the year in Nevada as the autumn season progresses rapidly. The average high temperatures tend to be pleasant in the day in the 63°F (17.2°C) to 88°F (31.1°C) range but the nights tend to be cold with the average low temperatures in the 23°F (-5°C) to 60°F (15.6°C) zone.
Although much of the land is arid, the highlands lie in the sub-alpine and alpine zone and display beautiful hues of orange, crimson, purple, yellow, and gold. The best colors display when the temperatures cool gradually, and the conditions are mild. A sudden cold snap or early snow can see the leaves leaving the trees rapidly. The Spooner Backcountry area at Lake Tahoe State Park is one of the popular places for viewing fall colors. The fall season attracts heavy tourist footfall in Nevada.
Expect nights to be cold in the autumn. Wear a jacket or sweater as October is windy in the fall season of Nevada.


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