February weather forecast and climate
New Jersey, USA

Flag of New Jersey, USA
Flag of New Jersey, USA

Weather in February

February is the snowiest month of the year in New Jersey, with occasional snowstorms in the fray. Newark and New Brunswick in the north, register snowfall in the range of 8" (203mm) to 10" (254mm), while it records between the 4" (102mm) to 7" (178mm) in the south. The precipitation of 5" (127mm) keeps the conditions wet for many days in the month.
The average low temperatures are in the cold 17°F (-8.3°C) to 31°F (-0.6°C) zone, and the average high temperatures register between the 35°F (1.7°C) to 45°F (7.2°C) statewide. Sunny days are few, with the daily sunshine limited to 5 hours. The Nor' easters bring heavy rainfall and snow and cause damage in many areas. The highest snow depth of the year is advantageous for skiing, especially in the mountains.
Expect black ice and slippery roads that see cars doing donuts even for experienced drivers. February is the time to wrap up in winter coats in New Jersey or sit by a crackling fire with a hot chocolate in hand.


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