September weather forecast and climate
Rhode Island, USA

Flag of Rhode Island, USA
Flag of Rhode Island, USA

Weather in September

September is the arrival of the beautiful fall season in Rhode Island with mild temperatures and a dash of colors. The landscape becomes colorful with the changing leaves, especially in the forested regions. The temperatures are in the mild 52°F (11.1°C) to warm 75°F (23.9°C) range and seldom cross the 85°F (29.4°C) mark. The heatwaves of summer disappear quickly to register comfortable temperatures in the autumn. The daylight lasts for long hours, and there are many sunny days to enjoy the festive spirit of the autumn season.
There are plenty of pumpkin patches and apple orchards that lift the spirits along with the crisp air and changing leaves. The leaves begin to change colors rapidly by mid-September all over the state. The fall season has delightful mornings, warm afternoons, and breezy evenings. Additionally, the beaches have plenty of space with the dwindling of the summer crowds.
September is an excellent time for scenic drives along the winding roads with plenty of colors in the surrounding countryside in Rhode Island.

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