November weather forecast and climate
Washington, USA

Flag of Washington, USA
Flag of Washington, USA

Weather in November

November sees cold weather in Washington as the autumn season wanes steadily. The temperatures are in the average range of 30°F (-1.1°C) to 43°F (6.1°C) in the state. Spokane in the east averages between 30°F (-1.1°C) to 42°F (5.6°C), while Grayland in the west is between 40°F (4.4°C) to 53°F (11.7°C).
Late fall brings significant precipitation that averages 6.2" (157mm) in the state. The west coast and the Cascades region see 15" (381mm) to 20" (508mm) of rainfall, while Puget Sound receives between 5" (127mm) to 7" (178mm).
The first snowfall of the season occurs in many areas, with an average of 10" (254mm) in Leavenworth and a massive 120" (3048mm) in Mount Rainier. The skies are mostly cloudy, with 6 to 8 sunny days in the month. High Mountain trails close by November end as rain and snowfall pick up considerably.
Pack in layers as the nights are occasionally freezing, and the evenings are cold. Budget travelers find November reasonable with fair weather and cheap accommodations in Washington as the crowds dwindle.


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