August weather forecast and climate
Alabama, USA

Flag of Alabama, USA
Flag of Alabama, USA

Weather in August

August is hot in the summer season of Alabama, with many sunny days and mostly clear skies. The temperatures scale down from the peak of summer to register in the average range of 69°F (20.6°C) to 93°F (33.9°C). The mountains and hill stations in the north attract tourists with the heat significantly lesser at higher altitudes.
The Gulf coast receives the highest rainfall of 7" (178mm) in the state and is prone to thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon. Local thunderstorms bring comfortable conditions, with cool breezes scattered over vast areas.
The growing season is at its peak, and the agricultural lands need plenty of water to maintain moisture in the soil. Wildlife reserves receive many visitors during the long days of August. Dawn and dusk are the perfect times to spot wild animals. The hunting season is in full swing with the availability of wild turkeys, light geese, deer, and other animals. Expect the heat to decline gradually by the end of August in Alabama.


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