October weather forecast and climate
Delaware, USA

Flag of Delaware, USA
Flag of Delaware, USA

Weather in October

October is the time of colorful foliage in Delaware at the height of the fall season. The mornings and evenings are mild, while the afternoons are warm and delightful. Temperatures drop significantly to register in the 45°F (7.2°C) to 69°F (20.6°C) range across the state.
The fall foliage is at its peak during the mid of October and offers unmatched views with an array of colors on display. Changing leaves display hues from red and orange to yellow and gold. Fall foliage is gorgeous in the northern part of the state with hilly regions and plenty of tree cover. Scenic byways provide opportunities to drive through the colorful landscape with the wind in the face. Waterways offer majestic views of the breathtaking scenery on the land from short as well as long distances.
A light sweater or jacket is suitable for fall evenings. Expect the temperature to decrease gradually with each passing day in October in Delaware.

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