June weather forecast and climate
Florida, USA

Flag of Florida, USA
Flag of Florida, USA

Weather in June

June is summer in Florida, and the wet season is in full force. Across the state, average high temperatures are between 88°F (31.1°C) and 90°F (32.2°C) whereas humidity crosses 75% but is a touch short of 80%.
Rain sees a pickup everywhere with an average of 7" (178mm) across the state. Most of the state sees roughly 20 sunny days despite the rainy and cloudy conditions.
Summer sees a swell in tourist numbers, but there are numerous beaches along the length and breadth of the state to accommodate all of them. Late morning and afternoon sea breezes regulate temperatures - the sea acts as a giant thermostat that does not allow the temperatures to cross extremes. It is a good idea to include early mornings in the holiday plans, as the temperatures are a bit mild, with most of the rain falling in the second half of the day.
Watch out for thunderstorms in late afternoons and evenings and do not take weather warnings casually as Florida is the lightning capital of the United States!


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