January weather forecast and climate
Guam, USA

Flag of Guam, USA
Flag of Guam, USA

Weather in January

January is a pleasant month in Guam as the dry season brings cheer to the population. The average temperatures are in the warm 76°F (24.4°C) to 85°F (29.4°C) range, and humidity is on the wane. The oppressive heat takes a backseat to welcome the New Year with festivals, dance, and excitement. Temperatures variations between day and night are little, and the proximity to the equator keeps them of equal duration.
The rainfall registers up to 5" (127mm) during 18 wet days in the month. Lightweight, casual clothing is suitable, and the umbrella can be given a miss, especially in the evening. The season is busy with tourists roaming the length and breadth of the island and the adjoining seas in the calm atmosphere. Fine sandy beaches like Ypao and coral-filled waters are perfect for vacations with moderate sunshine for a company.
A visit to Guam in January is the perfect antidote to the severe winters in the American North.


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