July weather forecast and climate
Guam, USA

Flag of Guam, USA
Flag of Guam, USA

Weather in July

July is the beginning of the wet season in Guam with the rain gauge registering an impressive 12.1" (307mm). The pickup in humidity is significant with the increased cloud cover resulting in moist conditions.
The average temperatures remain in the 77°F (25°C) to 87°F (30.6°C), but the heat is oppressive for people foreign to tropical weather. The humidity often registers above 80%, and air-conditioners keep whirring to keep the conditions comfortable. Cloudy skies allow only 5 hours of daily sunlight, but the rays are intense whenever the sun breaks the cloud cover.
Dolphin watching, paddle boating, parasailing, and beach volleyball are still possible during extended periods of rain breaks. Carry a rain jacket when exploring trails and visiting attractions such as Tarzan Falls. If the rain is heavy, there are plenty of shopping malls, museums, indoor amusement parks that will entertain kids as well as adults. Keep an eye on thunderstorms and heavy rain during July in Guam.


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