March weather forecast and climate
Maryland, USA

Flag of Maryland, USA
Flag of Maryland, USA

Weather in March

March is cold in Maryland as early spring spreads its wings over the landscape. The skies are partly cloudy, but there are clear signs of the change in seasons. The days grow long, and the sun smiles for 5 to 6 hours. Day temperatures average between mild 48°F (8.9°C) to 58°F (14.4°C) range, while nights are cold in the 25°F (-3.9°C) to 38°F (3.3°C) zone.
The precipitation is to the tune of 3" (76mm) to 5" (127mm) and rarely icy. Snowfall is drastically less and limits to 5" (127mm) in the plains. Frequent cold and warm weather spells keep the conditions unpredictable.
It is prudent to carry a light rain jacket in Maryland during spring. Fresh and beautiful mornings can quickly descend into gloominess that as rapidly change into sunny afternoons. The countryside is a combination of white, brown, and green colors. Black-eyed susans grow everywhere without restrictions. A light sweater gives extra warmth during March days in Maryland.

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