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Massachusetts, USA

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Flag of Massachusetts, USA

Weather in July

July stands as the zenith of summer in Massachusetts, showcasing the most pronounced warmth and vibrancy of the entire year. The state experiences temperatures ranging from 60°F during the cooler nights to an often balmy 90°F or more during the daytime. It's worth noting that July is frequently the hottest month in Massachusetts, with five to fifteen days where temperatures soar above 90°F, particularly in the state's interior regions.

The coastal areas, such as Boston and the Cape Cod region, while warm, tend to remain slightly cooler than the interior due to the Atlantic Ocean's cooling influence. These breezy coastal regions offer a refreshing escape, especially on days when the heat peaks.

Accompanying the heat is the heightened humidity, which can make the actual feel of the temperature even warmer. This muggy atmosphere is often interrupted by sporadic thunderstorms, which, while brief, can be quite intense. These storms bring local precipitation and occasionally offer a temporary respite from the pervasive heat.

The sun reigns supreme during July, providing long, sunlit days that beckon both locals and tourists outdoors. Beaches are thronged with visitors, and the waters of the Atlantic become a hub of activity, with swimming, boating, and other water sports taking center stage.

Venturing from July to August, the sultry conditions persist, but a subtle transition begins. While August remains decidedly summer-like, the days start to get incrementally shorter, signaling the approaching conclusion of the hottest season and the gradual onset of the temperate fall months. By the end of July, Massachusetts begins to look forward to the picturesque transformation that the subsequent months promise.

  • Boston - July »
    Boston's warmest month, July, generally records average temperatures ranging from a high of 81.7°F to a low of 64.9°F. In Boston, in July, the average water temperature is 65.7°F.
  • Worcester - July »
    On the first day of July in Worcester sunrise is at 5:14 am and sunset at 8:27 pm. In Worcester, during July, the rain falls for 16.2 days and regularly aggregates up to 2.52" of precipitation.
  • Springfield - July »
    July is the warmest month in Springfield exhibiting average temperatures of 82.2°F at the peak and 61.3°F at the base. Temperature records in Springfield mark July as the warmest month, with highs averaging 82.2°F and lows at 61.3°F.
  • Lowell - July »
    In Lowell in July, during 15.4 rainfall days, 2.05" of precipitation is typically accumulated. July is the month when Lowell sees the highest average temperatures, with a high of 82.2°F and a low of 63.1°F.
  • Cambridge - July »
    July is the prime summer month in Cambridge showcasing the year's highest temperatures. In Cambridge in July, it is raining for 9.6 days, with typically 0.47" of accumulated precipitation.
  • New Bedford - July »
    June and July, with an average relative humidity of 80%, are most humid months in New Bedford, Massachusetts. In New Bedford the average temperatures in July are the highest, with a peak at 78.4°F and a low of 66.4°F.
  • Brockton - July »
    Brockton reaches its highest average temperatures in July, measuring 81.9°F at the peak and 64°F at the lowest. With average high temperatures of 81.9°F and lows of 64°F, July is the warmest month in Brockton.
  • Quincy - July »
    In Quincy, during July, the rain falls for 10.3 days and regularly aggregates up to 0.59" of precipitation. Quincy's July weather, marked by an average high temperature of 81.3°F and an average low temperature of 64.8°F, is the warmest in the year.
  • Lynn - July »
    July, characterized by an average high temperature of 80.4°F and a low temperature of 65.3°F, is generally the warmest month in Lynn, Massachusetts. In Lynn, in July, the average water temperature is 65.8°F.
  • Fall River - July »
    In Fall River the highest average temperatures are observed in July, with a high of 79.3°F and a low of 65.5°F. In Fall River the average seawater temperature in July is 66.9°F.
  • Newton - July »
    On the first day of July in Newton sunrise is at 5:11 am and sunset at 8:25 pm. In Newton in July, it is raining for 10.2 days, with typically 0.51" of accumulated precipitation.
  • Lawrence - July »
    With an average high-temperature of 81.7°F and an average low-temperature of 63.1°F, July is the warmest month in Lawrence. On the first day of July in Lawrence, Massachusetts, sunrise is at 5:10 am and sunset at 8:26 pm.

Massachusetts, USA

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