November weather forecast and climate
Massachusetts, USA

Flag of Massachusetts, USA
Flag of Massachusetts, USA

Weather in November

November lies at the end of the autumn season in Massachusetts and brings cold temperatures along with the falling leaves. The skies are dark as the daily sunlight lasts only for 4 hours. Brockton, Haverhill, Hingham, and Marblehead in the east average between 29°F (-1.7°C) to 53°F (11.7°C), while the western part of the state is between 27°F (-2.8°C) to 49°F (9.4°C).
The light rainfall brings the first flurries of snow to the region. November records snowfall to the tune of 2" (51mm) to 4" (102mm) in the majority of the state. Trees start to show bare limbs with the onset of the winter in the second half of the month. The first of the snowstorms register as the polar air masses invade the state.
Freezing nights are typical, consequently wearing winter coats, caps, and gloves is greatly advised. Apart from snow lovers and adventurers, the tourist numbers fall alarmingly by the end of the autumn. November is the time to move away from Massachusetts.

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