May weather forecast and climate
Midway Island, USA

Flag of Midway Island, USA
Flag of Midway Island, USA

Weather in May

May is an excellent time to visit Midway Island as the dry season takes its hold on the surroundings. The precipitation averages 2.4" (61mm) with nine wet days in the month.
The average temperatures are in the warm 67°F (19.4°C) to 75°F (23.9°C) range that makes much of the temperate weather accustomed visitors feel at home. The skies are clear, and the intense sun rays ask for protection in the form of hats and sunglasses. The humidity levels are comfortable and surprisingly moderate for the tropics, with the wind and water regulating the temperatures to a large extent.
Tourists usually prefer the period when the albatross crowd the island, to watch the spectacle of the thousands of sea birds. The dry season is a good time to rent a paddleboat and venture out near the coast in the calm waters. Albatross chicks start to feather by May in Midway Island.

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