August weather forecast and climate
Utah, USA

Flag of Utah, USA
Flag of Utah, USA

Weather in August

August is a hot summer month in Utah, with the sun working overtime over the land. The average high temperatures are in the hot 70°F (21.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C) range, while nights register between a moderate 45°F (7.2°C) to 73°F (22.8°C).
Rain is negligible as the summer retains a dry atmosphere with clear skies. The plains, as well as arid lands, are exceedingly hot, but the canyons, foothills and high mountain slopes experience different microclimates with cool nights. Camping under the open skies is marvelous for gazing millions of stars in the vast open sky. Float down the Provo River when the heat becomes unbearable for extended periods. Consider a backpacking trip to one of the many alpine lakes in the state for a rousing adventure.
Light summer clothing is ideal, with a light sweater for the night. The temperatures drop steadily with each passing that brings the end of the long summer. Keep an eye on wildfires and thunderstorms in the dry season in August in Utah.


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