August weather forecast and climate
Wake Island, USA

Flag of Wake Island, USA
Flag of Wake Island, USA

Weather in August

August begins a harsh period in Wake Island, with thundering typhoons, heavy rain, heat, and humidity. The wettest month of the year receives an average of 6.2" (157mm) of precipitation, thanks to frequent thunderstorms.
The average temperatures are in the high range of 77°F (25°C) to 88°F (31.1°C), but the increased humidity makes the conditions oppressive. Wind speeds often rise in the wake of the storms and high-speeds are standard during these events. The migratory birds seek the shelter of the interior when the seas become rough. The lagoon waters that are usually calm become turbulent during the period of typhoons.
The best thing to do for the resident population is to wait for the fresh supplies of food that come to the island every two weeks. The atoll receives plenty of sunshine, even in the wettest months. August is one of the worst times to visit Wake Island.

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