March weather forecast and climate
Wake Island, USA

Flag of Wake Island, USA
Flag of Wake Island, USA

Weather in March

March is a dry month in Wake Island, with the sun slowly returning to its full intensity after the mild winter. The average precipitation is to the tune of 2.2" (56mm), with moderate spells of rain.
The temperatures are in the agreeable range of 73°F (22.8°C) to 83°F (28.3°C), with clear skies amid low water vapor in the atmosphere. Wind speeds remain in the modest 5 to 15mph (24.1km/h) and rarely cause trouble. Evenings often experience a light breeze from the sea, and the sunset is late due to extended hours of twilight. Nights are great for stargazing, with the availability of vast and clear skies on the island.
Watch out for the abundant number of hermit crabs in the waters and the soft sand past sunset. March is mostly calm in Wake Island except for an occasional temperate storm that can approach the atoll.

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