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Flag of Texas, USA

Weather in August

August in Texas maintains the fervor of summer, exuding the kind of warmth that has become emblematic of the state's season. In its northern expanses, including locations like Seminole, there's hardly a respite from the summer heat. Morning temperatures settle around 72°F and, as the sun climbs, afternoon readings frequently venture into the 96°F range.

Central Texas, with its sprawling landscapes, continues to be a hotspot. Early mornings commence with temperatures around 80°F, and as the day unfolds, the thermostat often signals values surpassing 100°F. The southeastern coastal regions, while also experiencing such elevated temperatures, have the added nuance of high humidity due to the Gulf of Mexico's influence. This results in morning temperatures starting at 84°F and can ascend to an oppressive 106°F on particularly searing days.

August's position on the calendar does mean occasional rain showers, especially in eastern Texas. These showers, while still infrequent, are reminiscent of July's pattern - intense but short-lived, with bursts of thunder and vibrant lightning. It's worth noting that the eastern region remains more susceptible to these brief rainy episodes than the arid landscapes in the west.

Transitioning from July to August, Texas doesn't witness a significant drop in temperatures. However, with the progression of August and the impending arrival of September, there's a faint anticipation of a subtle decline in heat. While August persists in offering quintessential summer weather, its final weeks gently hint at the approaching end of Texas's blistering summer season.

  • Houston - August »
    Following the peak of summer in July, August sees a continued prevalence of the sweltering heat in Houston. August and October, with an average relative humidity of 70%, are the least humid months in Houston.
  • San Antonio - August »
    San Antonio registers the highest average temperatures during the month of August, with peaks of 96.6°F and lows of 75.7°F. In San Antonio, August is the month with the highest recorded average temperatures, measuring a high of 96.6°F and a low of 75.7°F.
  • Dallas - August »
    August is the least humid month in Dallas with an average relative humidity of 55%. August stands out as Dallas's warmest month, with temperatures ranging between an average high of 96.1°F and a low of 77.2°F.
  • Austin - August »
    The least humid month in Austin is August, with an average relative humidity of 59%. August proves to be the warmest month in Austin, recording an average peak temperature of 96.4°F and a minimum temperature of 75.4°F.
  • Fort Worth - August »
    With an average relative humidity of 56%, August is the least humid month in Fort Worth. The month of August, characterized by an average high of 95.7°F and a low of 75.9°F, is recognized as the warmest in Fort Worth.
  • El Paso - August »
    In El Paso during August, the rain falls for 12.3 days and regularly aggregates up to 1.26" of precipitation. On the first day of August in El Paso, sunrise is at 6:21 am and sunset at 8:02 pm.
  • Arlington - August »
    Arlington's August weather, with an average high temperature of 95.9°F and an average low temperature of 76.6°F, tends to be the warmest of the year. In Arlington, the month of August is known for its highest average temperatures, reaching a high of 95.9°F and a low of 76.6°F.
  • Corpus Christi - August »
    In Corpus Christi, Texas, the average seawater temperature in August is 86.2°F. In August, Corpus Christi continues to endure the heat, although signs of the approaching end of summer are visible.
  • Plano - August »
    August continues the summer narrative in Plano, witnessing maximum temperatures rocketing to a fiery 95.5°F from 75.9°F. Plano registers the average highest temperatures during August, with peaks of 95.5°F and lows of 75.9°F.
  • Laredo - August »
    Laredo's August weather, marked by an average high temperature of 100°F and an average low temperature of 79.9°F, is the warmest in the year. In Laredo in August, it is raining for 6.5 days, with typically 0.67" of accumulated precipitation.
  • Lubbock - August »
    On the last day of August, in Lubbock, sunrise is at 7:20 am and sunset at 8:14 pm CDT. In August, in Lubbock, the rain falls for 10.1 days.
  • Garland - August »
    In August, Garland, Texas experiences high temperatures akin to July's heat wave, hitting a high of 95.5°F. The least humid month in Garland is August, with an average relative humidity of 57%.

Texas, USA

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