December weather forecast and climate
Arizona, USA

Flag of Arizona, USA
Flag of Arizona, USA

Weather in December

December begins the winter season in Arizona with warm days and cold nights. The skies are mostly clear, with little precipitation in the majority of the state. Temperature differences are extreme between day and night due to the arid nature of the land. The high desert areas are prone to cold conditions during the night. Grand Canyon Village in the north registers cold temperatures between 18°F (-7.8°C) to 45°F (7.2°C). The average high temperatures are in the mild 41°F (5°C) to 68°F (20°C) range, while the average low temperatures are in cold 17°F (-8.3°C) to 41°F (5°C).
Southern Arizona rarely receives light snowfall, while the northern mountainous areas receive ample snow. The warm and dry conditions attract tourists in the winter who wish to escape from the deadly cold in the northern United States. The days do not require warm clothing, but the nights ask for them. A trip to the snow-clad mountains witnesses a winter wonderland in the making. December brings a merry Christmas in Arizona.


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