March weather forecast and climate
Arizona, USA

Flag of Arizona, USA
Flag of Arizona, USA

Weather in March

March welcomes the spring season to Arizona with warm days and ample sunshine. The landscape remains mostly dry due to the shortage of rainfall. Temperatures range widely from 50°F (10°C) in the north to 80°F (26.7°C) in the west during the day. Northern Arizona has mostly freezing nights, but the conditions are warm in the rest of the state. Yuma in the west has warm temperatures in the 54°F (12.2°C) to 81°F (27.2°C), while Tombstone in the south is mild between 41°F (5°C) to 69°F (20.6°C).
March brings a combination of snow and cold nights, with warm days that witness a range of activities from cross-country skiing to mountain biking and camping. The lower desert areas do not receive snow and see a rapid increase in temperatures. Spring offers ideal conditions for fishing in the lakes and creeks, and canoeing in the deep canyons. Woodlands witness blooming flowers, and the landscape looks beautiful with a full range of wildflowers. Days warm rapidly but pack a warm coat for the cold March nights in Arizona.


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