June weather forecast and climate
Maine, USA

Flag of Maine, USA
Flag of Maine, USA

Weather in June

June begins summer in Maine and with it the tourist season due to its temperature conditions that are rare in most parts of the United States. Across the state, average high temperatures are in the warm 50°F (10°C) to 75°F (23.9°C) range with rare extremities in temperature.
The average humidity in June is the least across the state, with the coastal areas usually more humid than the interior lands. Maine sees rain throughout the year, and June is no exception as the rain gauge accumulates an average of 4" (102mm) across the state.
However, there are many sunny days, and the daily sunshine is 8 to 9 hours. The weather is refreshing in the least as the day temperatures rarely soar due to the slanting rays of the sun. The conditions in Maine warrant carrying rain protection for the majority of the year and in most parts of the state. The rocky shoreline does not make for great beaches, and the ocean waters are cold even in summer.


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