March weather forecast and climate
Maine, USA

Flag of Maine, USA
Flag of Maine, USA

Weather in March

March is cold even though it is the end of the winter and begins the spring season in Maine. The average low temperatures are still well below freezing, while the average high temperatures are chilly 34°F (1.1°C) to 42°F (5.6°C).
The start of the spring sees an increase in the sunshine up to a daily average of 7 hours, but the rain is persistent and averages 4" (102mm) to 5" (127mm) in the state.
There is no let down in the snowfall as most of the areas, including those near the coast, gather 10" (254mm) to 15" (381mm). Humidity is more in the morning and decreases post noon when the skies tend to be clearer. Early spring tends to be a cold period in Maine that asks for protection from rain, cold, and snow.
By the end of the month, the conditions become favorable for the numerous fishing and canoeing enthusiasts who gather in search of thrilling adventures.


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