April weather forecast and climate
Puerto Rico, USA

Flag of Puerto Rico, USA
Flag of Puerto Rico, USA

Weather in April

April begins the transition to the wet season in Puerto Rico with an increase in precipitation and humidity. Day temperatures average a high of 86°F (30°C), while nights are mild at 74°F (23.3°C).
The skies are partly cloudy, especially at noontime, and the average precipitation is 4.7" (119mm) in the month. The daily sunshine lasts for 9 hours, but the humidity is bearable and keeps the heat index within acceptable limits. Air-conditioners run in many places, especially in hotels, as the tourists begin to feel the heat.
The western part of the islands is best for sunbathing on the beaches and surfing on the calm waves, but it is prudent to seek shade by afternoon. The waters of the Mosquito Bay emit a blue glow by night, much to the amazement of the visitors. Expect showers in the afternoon that lower the effect of the heat in April.

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