February weather forecast and climate
Puerto Rico, USA

Flag of Puerto Rico, USA
Flag of Puerto Rico, USA

Weather in February

February sees pleasant conditions in Puerto Rico, with mostly blue skies amid little rain. The average temperatures are in the comfortable 72°F (22.2°C) to 84°F (28.9°C) range, with 8 hours of bright sunshine. Mornings begin in a cool environment, and the warm afternoon sunshine aids outdoor activities. Cruises, boats, and yachts sail in the calm waters of the San Juan Bay as well as the seawaters around the islands. The skies are mostly clear, although a light shower occasionally occurs to remind that the islands are never arid.
The rainfall registers below 2.5" (64mm), which means a rain jacket is optional during outdoor excursions. Continental cold waves rarely make as far south as Puerto Rico, and the only places where temperatures are cold are the high elevations of the mountains.
Warm winter clothes are generally unnecessary in Puerto Rico in February when North America is freezing with cold.

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