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Puerto Rico, USA

Flag of Puerto Rico, USA
Flag of Puerto Rico, USA

Weather in August

August in Puerto Rico stands as the zenith of the tropical summer. The island experiences temperatures that fluctuate between lows around 77°F and can peak at an intense 91°F. This makes August one of the hottest months of the year, a slight but noticeable escalation from July's warmth, further intensified by heightened humidity levels.

Regions in the northern sector, encompassing areas like San Juan, maintain a marginally cooler atmosphere compared to the southern parts, though the difference becomes less pronounced during these peak summer months. In the Cordillera Central Mountain Range, towns such as Jayuya and Aibonito continue to showcase relatively cooler climates, though even these high-altitude areas feel the heat of August.

Rainfall remains a constant companion in August. The pattern of clear mornings followed by robust afternoon showers or thunderstorms persists. Coastal regions, from towns like Rincon to Naguabo, bear the brunt of this tropical climate, marked by sweltering heat and regular downpours.

Of significant note is that August is deep within the hurricane season, and historically, the probability of tropical cyclones affecting the region rises. The Atlantic becomes a hotbed for storm formation, and Puerto Rico's position makes it susceptible to potential impacts. Residents and visitors alike remain on heightened alert, monitoring weather systems and ensuring safety precautions.

  • San Juan - August »
    In San Juan during August, the rain falls for 14.8 days and regularly aggregates up to 1.06" of precipitation. In San Juan, Puerto Rico, the average highest temperatures are observed in August, with a high of 85.1°F and a low of 79.2°F.
  • Fajardo - August »
    The month with the most rainfall in Fajardo is August, when the rain falls for 21.3 days and typically aggregates up to 2.83" of precipitation. With average temperatures fluctuating between a high of 84.2°F and a low of 80.2°F, August stands out as the warmest month in Fajardo.
  • Toa Baja - August »
    August tends to be the warmest month in Toa Baja with temperatures averaging a daily high of 85.5°F and a low of 78.4°F. On the last day of August, in Toa Baja sunrise is at 6:10 am and sunset at 6:40 pm AST.
  • Aguadilla - August »
    Aguadilla ushers in August with an average high temperature of a still warm 84.7°F, mirroring closely the previous month. In Aguadilla in August, the average water temperature is 84.4°F.
  • Vega Baja - August »
    August is the month when Vega Baja's temperatures reach their peak, with averages of 85.6°F and lows of 78.4°F. On the first day of August in Vega Baja, sunrise is at 6:03 am and sunset at 7:00 pm.
  • Juana Díaz - August »
    Juana Díaz's temperatures tend to reach their peak averages in August, with a high of 86.5°F and a low of 76.6°F. On the last day of August, in Juana Díaz, sunrise is at 6:11 am and sunset at 6:41 pm AST.
  • Adjuntas - August »
    August, with average temperatures reaching a high of 86.5°F and a low of 76.6°F, is the warmest month in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. The average relative humidity in August in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, is 77%.
  • Cabo Rojo - August »
    August is the warmest month of the year in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, registering average temperatures as high as 85.8°F and as low as 78.8°F. In Cabo Rojo in August, it is raining for 23.8 days, with typically 3.39" of accumulated precipitation.
  • Guánica - August »
    August is the warmest month in Guánica, exhibiting average temperatures of 86.5°F at the peak and 76.6°F at the base. In Guánica the average relative humidity in August is 77%.
  • Vega Alta - August »
    In Vega Alta in August, during 19.7 rainfall days, 2.44" of precipitation is typically accumulated. In Vega Alta, Puerto Rico, during August, the rain falls for 19.7 days and regularly aggregates up to 2.44" of precipitation.
  • Luquillo - August »
    August registers as the month with the average highest temperatures in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, reaching 84.2°F at its peak and 80.2°F at the lowest. In August, in Luquillo the rain falls for 21.3 days.
  • Rincon - August »
    In August, the average ocean temperature in Rincon is 84.4°F. Rincon's August nights exhibit a subtle drop in temperature, averaging at a still warm 79.9°F, closely aligned with the daytime highs.

Puerto Rico, USA

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