May weather forecast and climate
Puerto Rico, USA

Flag of Puerto Rico, USA
Flag of Puerto Rico, USA

Weather in May

May is the wet, hot, and humid in Puerto Rico as the rainy season takes hold in the islands. The average temperatures are in the 76°F (24.4°C) to 87°F (30.6°C) range, and the heat is oppressive. The blazing sun emits peak ultraviolet radiation at a level of 12 and makes it challenging to venture outdoors past mid-mornings. Most of the buildings, including public places and residential buildings, are white-washed to counter the blistering sunshine.
The precipitation registers to the tune of 5.9" (150mm), with at least one wet day in two. A rain jacket is desirable, but an umbrella serves better as the heat makes it difficult to wear an extra layer of clothing. Flamenco Beach in Culebra is the most beautiful beach on the islands with white sand and many palm trees.
Many budget travelers prefer May in Puerto Rico due to the slowdown of the tourist season and the resultant drop in tour prices.


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