July weather forecast and climate
United States Virgin Islands, USA

Flag of United States Virgin Islands, USA
Flag of United States Virgin Islands, USA

Weather in July

July is a hot month in the United States Virgin Islands, with average temperatures in the range of 78°F (25.6°C) to 90°F (32.2°C). The wet season advances across the entire region, to bring 2.9" (74mm) of rainfall in the month. Despite the rain, there is ample sunshine that lasts for at least 9 hours during the 13-hour days. Patches of clouds quickly bring showers and give way to the scorching sun.
Stay hydrated, wear adequate sun protection, and remain in the shade during peak sunshine hours. The southern islands, as well as the western parts of the islands, are comparatively less rainy and calmer than the rest. Hiking paths are open for adventurers who wish to explore the beautiful waterfalls of the interior.
The islands are a refuge to diverse species of flora and fauna, and the waters host many marine species. The waters are fantastic for sailing and surfing in June in the United States Virgin Islands.


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