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Weather in November

November ushers in the concluding phase of the wet season for the United States Virgin Islands while simultaneously marking the tail end of the hurricane season. During this month, temperatures oscillate from a comfortable 76°F in the early hours to a still-warm 86°F as the sun dominates the sky.

Transitioning from October, November exhibits a gradual decline in temperature and moisture levels. Though rain remains a prominent fixture, its frequency and intensity start to subside, indicating the approaching onset of the dry season. That said, occasional thunderstorms, particularly in the early evenings, can still punctuate the month.

Charlotte Amalie, situated in Saint Thomas, continues to reflect the broader meteorological patterns of the islands. However, its cityscape, combined with the thermal attributes of its harbor, can intermittently amplify the sensation of warmth during the daytime peak.

November's rain patterns shift from prolonged downpours to sporadic, lighter showers. The neighboring seas, albeit touched by the changing seasons, hover between temperatures of 83°F to 85°F, ensuring they remain inviting for aquatic enthusiasts.

The day-night duration upholds its equatorial-rooted equilibrium, bestowing roughly equal portions of sunlight and darkness. Importantly, while November edges away from the hurricane season's core, it remains essential for inhabitants and visitors to monitor weather updates. The potential for late-season tropical disturbances, though diminished, is not entirely eradicated.

  • Charlotte Amalie - November »
    November and December, with an average of 6.5h of sunshine, are months with the least sunshine in Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands. In Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands, in November, the average water temperature is 83.7°F.
  • Frederiksted - November »
    In Frederiksted, United States Virgin Islands, in November, it is raining for 24.5 days, with typically 3.19" of accumulated precipitation. The high-temperature in Frederiksted during November is 82.6°F and the low-temperature is 81°F.
  • Saint John - November »
    The wettest months in Saint John are October and November, with an average 6.34" of rainfall. In Saint John in November, the average water temperature is 82.4°F.
  • Virgin Islands National Park - November »
    On the last day of November, in Virgin Islands National Park sunrise is at 6:33 am and sunset at 5:41 pm AST. November signifies the cooling down of sea temperature from the intense summer, registering at 83.6°F in the Virgin Islands National Park.
  • Kingshill - November »
    In Kingshill in November, during 24.5 rainfall days, 3.19" of precipitation is typically accumulated. In Kingshill, United States Virgin Islands, the average sunshine duration in November is 6.6h.

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