June weather forecast and climate
United States Virgin Islands, USA

Flag of United States Virgin Islands, USA
Flag of United States Virgin Islands, USA

Weather in June

June is the beginning of the hurricane season in the United States Virgin Islands. The probability of a tropical storm increases exponentially with the advance of the season. Thunderstorms occasionally occur in the islands and contribute significantly to the 2.5" (64mm) of rainfall in the month.
The average high temperature reaches 89°F (31.7°C) during the day, while the nights remain register slightly up at 78°F (25.6°C). The waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea regulate the temperatures of the islands. The coastal areas see a rise in humidity, and the heat is oppressive at times.
The interior forests and hills have several camping sites that are readily available compared to the busy engagements of the dry season. Sunset cruises are a great way to experience the warm seawaters amid the setting sun on the distant horizon in the United States Virgin Islands in June.

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