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Weather in October

October in the United States Virgin Islands continues to be marked by the wet season's persistence and remains deeply entwined with the hurricane season. The month's temperatures navigate between a mild 78°F during nighttime to a fervent climax of 88°F during daylight hours.

As a successor to September, October witnesses a slight, albeit noticeable, reduction in both temperature and humidity. However, it still stands as a month of significant rainfall, with thunderstorms being a routine occurrence, especially in the afternoon to early evening hours.

Charlotte Amalie, the capital nestled in Saint Thomas, consistently parallels the climate trends of the entire archipelago. However, the urban density coupled with the warmth exuding from its harbor can occasionally enhance the perceived heat, especially during the more scorching portions of the day.

October's rainfall is a blend of brief showers and more extensive, potent downpours. Despite the intermittent rains, the adjacent seas manage to maintain their warmth, registering temperatures between 85°F to 87°F. This thermal consistency allows for continued marine activities, albeit with a watchful eye on potential weather disturbances.

The balance of daylight and nighttime durations remains consistent, a result of the islands' close proximity to the equator. However, October remains a month where the United States Virgin Islands is susceptible to the hurricane season's whims. Even though the threat begins to wane towards the month's end, vigilance is still a necessity due to the potential presence of tropical storms and hurricanes.

  • Charlotte Amalie - October »
    January through March, October through December, with an average relative humidity of 75%, are the least humid months in Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands. In Charlotte Amalie in October, it is raining for 23.6 days, with typically 4.37" of accumulated precipitation.
  • Frederiksted - October »
    In Frederiksted during October, the rain falls for 23.5 days and regularly aggregates up to 3.46" of precipitation. In Frederiksted, United States Virgin Islands, the months of September and October are known for the peak temperatures, reaching an average high of 84.2°F.
  • Saint John - October »
    On the first day of October in Saint John, United States Virgin Islands, sunrise is at 6:09 am and sunset at 6:07 pm. In Saint John the average seawater temperature in October is 84.2°F.
  • Virgin Islands National Park - October »
    On the first day of October in Virgin Islands National Park, sunrise is at 6:09 am and sunset at 6:07 pm. What time are sunrise and sunset in October in Virgin Islands National Park?
  • Kingshill - October »
    Temperatures in Kingshill reach their maximum during September and October, recording an average high-temperature of 84.2°F. In Kingshill, United States Virgin Islands, in October, during 23.5 rainfall days, 3.46" of precipitation is typically accumulated.

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