April weather forecast and climate
American Samoa, USA

Flag of American Samoa, USA
Flag of American Samoa, USA

Weather in April

April is prone to cyclonic conditions in American Samoa with significant periods of rain in the long summer season. Cloudy skies are regular, and afternoons are particularly susceptible to rain. The day temperatures inch up to 90°F (32.2°C), but the surrounding ocean regulates the heat to a large extent.
The precipitation averages 11" (279mm) in the month with 22 wet days. Sheltered coasts generally receive less rainfall than the open ones where the trade winds run amok. Wind speeds are high, and it is advisable to heed to weather warnings as the usually calm ocean water may run into a rough zone.
The tourist population is at its lowest, and there are plenty of deals for budget travelers. Intense rainfall can lay a spoilsport during planned vacations and keep visitors confined to hotels and nearby areas many a time. It is a good idea to avoid American Samoa in April with better weather in the ensuing months.

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