July weather forecast and climate
American Samoa, USA

Flag of American Samoa, USA
Flag of American Samoa, USA

Weather in July

July is the coldest month in the dry season of American Samoa, with the average temperatures in the 75°F (23.9°C) to 82°F (27.8°C) range. The precipitation is low compared to the wet season, yet rain marks its attendance for 19 days in the month.
Wind speeds are usually below 15mph (24.1km/h), and the ocean waters are calm. Gentle breezes make the atmosphere enjoyable, especially near the sea coast. Trade winds that originate from subtropical high-pressure areas in the Southern Hemisphere dominate the climatic conditions. Ofu Beach sees a large number of tourists, and the sunrise and sunset are a treat to watch in the company of turquoise waters.
The temperatures are suitable for light summer clothing in the day, while the comfortable nights rarely need additional layers. Cyclones and thunderstorms rarely occur to give an uninterrupted joy of adventure. July is the peak of the tourist season in American Samoa due to the best conditions of the year.

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