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Flag of American Samoa, USA
Flag of American Samoa, USA

Weather in March

March marks a transitional phase for American Samoa's climate as it nears the tail end of the wet season. Rainfall persists during this month, though it generally starts showing a downward trend as the islands move towards the drier part of the year. Temperature-wise, March maintains the summer warmth, hovering between 77°F and 89°F. The high temperatures, combined with the diminishing but still-present rains, ensure that the islands retain their typical humid ambiance.

Comparatively, March experiences a marginal reduction in rainfall when juxtaposed against February. As the month progresses and transitions into April, residents and visitors can expect a further decline in precipitation, indicating the approaching end of the wet season.

Pago, given its proximity to the mountains, remains an exception in terms of rainfall received. The orographic effect ensures this region witnesses relatively higher rainfall than other parts of the archipelago. For visitors, this can translate into contrasting weather experiences within short distances.

While the risk of tropical cyclones begins to wane as March advances, it's worth noting that these weather systems can still pose a threat early in the month. Travelers are advised to stay updated on weather forecasts, especially if they are planning marine activities.

March's aquatic environment in American Samoa remains an enticing draw. Despite the rains, the underwater world thrives, offering divers and snorkelers a chance to immerse themselves in one of the United States' most biodiverse marine habitats.

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    With an average ocean temperature of 85.5°F, March is the month with the warmest seawater in Pago. March is the month with the warmest seawater in Pago, with an average ocean temperature of 85.5°F.

American Samoa, USA

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