September weather forecast and climate
American Samoa, USA

Flag of American Samoa, USA
Flag of American Samoa, USA

Weather in September

September is a relatively dry month in American Samoa with bright sunshine amid comfortable temperatures. Night temperatures drop to a cozy 70°F (21.1°C) with a decrease in humidity. The average high temperatures rarely cross 84°F (28.9°C) and drop by a few degrees on the mountain peaks.
The coastline of white, sandy beaches is further exposed during low tide and draws a large number of tourists. The ocean water temperatures are at the lowest of the year, with the average registering at 81°F (27.2°C). September is a good time to climb Mount Alava with a break in the rain that offers an uninterrupted view of the archipelago of the surrounding islands. Winds are rarely troublesome with moderate speeds that are mostly of the gentle breeze type. Sunny days greet the tourists, whether on the beaches or the mountains and forests.
September is a good time to visit American Samoa with comfortable weather that gradually transitions to hot and humid with the end of the dry season.

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