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Flag of American Samoa, USA
Flag of American Samoa, USA

Weather in February

February, like January, is in the midst of American Samoa's summer and consequently remains entrenched in the wet season. This month often sees consistent rainfall patterns, with occasional, though transient, thunderstorms adding to the area's precipitation levels. The islands experience temperatures that fluctuate between 77°F and 90°F. Such temperatures, paired with the prevalent rains, perpetuate the humid and muggy ambience characteristic of the region during this season.

While February continues the warm and wet conditions seen in January, it might occasionally experience slightly heavier rainfall, primarily due to localized weather phenomena or passing cyclones. The transition towards March usually presents a slight reduction in rainfall, hinting at the impending cessation of the wet season and the approach of drier months ahead.

Pago, as a region nestled closer to the mountainous areas of American Samoa, is prone to receiving enhanced rainfall, benefiting from the orographic effect. Such localized climatic variations offer visitors diverse experiences even within this compact archipelago.

One of the climatic concerns during February is the continued risk of tropical cyclones. These cyclonic systems can bring about sudden and intense weather shifts, impacting travel plans and activities. Despite the meteorological challenges, American Samoa's marine life remains vibrant and dynamic, beckoning the adventurous to delve beneath the waves and witness the region's rich underwater ecosystem.

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    In Pago during February, the rain falls for 23.7 days and regularly aggregates up to 6.22" of precipitation. On the first day of February in Pago, American Samoa, sunrise is at 6:14 am and sunset at 6:58 pm.

American Samoa, USA

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