December weather forecast and climate
American Samoa, USA

Flag of American Samoa, USA
Flag of American Samoa, USA

Weather in December

December begins a prominently wet period in American Samoa as the territory receives the highest monthly rainfall of the year. The islands average 14.6" (371mm) of precipitation, and the conditions remain wet and humid.
The average high temperatures register above 88°F (31.1°C), while the average low temperatures are only a shade lower at 77°F (25°C). Cloudy skies are the rule rather than the exception during the afternoons. The heat is oppressive during the day due to the high humidity, although afternoon thundershowers provide welcome relief. Tropical cyclones frequently invade the coast and surge inland during the storm season.
Tourist numbers are less compared to the winter, and there are plenty of spaces on the beaches. Watch out for heavy rain, which is a regular feature in the afternoons. Loose-fitting tropical clothing along with a light sweatshirt, sun hat, and an umbrella is perfect for December in American Samoa.

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